Friday, October 3, 2014

Over 40 and Dating: An Interview With Heidi Clements

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We interview Heidi Clements, author and producer/writer on ABC Family's hit sitcom, Baby Daddy. A riotous discussion about dating over 40 ensues. NOTE: This discussion is PG-13.


Friday, September 12, 2014

ABC 123 Homeschooling

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On this episode, we talk to homeschooling mom, Cristie Cerniglia.   While homeschooling is the topic, the lessons we learn are all about life.  

"Give kids a love for learning"

Wife of 20 years, Mother of 4, 
Homeschooler and Speaker
Taking A Leap Of Faith

Cristie Cerniglia

A glance of
"Cerniglia Academy"

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Disney Channel -- We Know What You Watched This Summer

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After watching hours of Disney Channel television with our daughters, we can honestly say to them:  We know what you watched this summer... and it was not all good!  On this episode, we share with you which Disney Channel shows are awarded WWTD's seal of approval:  Green Lips. And which shows get the 'proceed with caution sticker,' Yellow Lips, and finally the show that gets Red Lips-- meaning we don't let our children watch this show on Disney Channel!  Listen to the show to find out why!  

Austin & Ally                 Green Lips
Dog With a Blog            Green Lips
Girl Meets World           Green Lips
Gravity Falls                   Red Lips
I Didn't Do It                  Yellow Lips
Jesse                              Green Lips (Green Lips minus from DJ)
Lab Rats                        Green Lips
Liv & Maddie                Green Lips
Phineas & Ferb              Green Lips
Wander Over Yonder    Green Li;ps Minus 

Also, on this episode we have a little fun remembering some of the shows we grew up with and share our favorites!   

Karly's Favorite Classics:
Brady Bunch
The Cosby Show
The Courtship of Eddy's Father
Good Times

DJ's Favorite Classics:
Alias Smith & Jones
Family Affair
Little House on the Prairie
Star Trek

Friday, July 18, 2014

Meet Me In St. Louis-- Vacation Travels

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Surprising walk studded with
 Stars from St. Louis
Botanical Gardens looked
like a different country 

We played a little game on Facebook asking friends to guess where WWTD went on vacation as a teaser for this week's show. Would you have known it was St. Louis from these photos?

Meet Me In St. Louis-- Vacation Travels... According to Karly

The following photo gallery highlights our latest podcast on our Summer season travel…to St. Louis!

The St. Louis Arch

A view of the MetroLink
MoonRise Hotel… a contemporary feel
and customer service that you will appreciate. 

Worry set in during our first 30 minutes touring the zoo.  Take a look at the following photos and see if you can determine why.

But things changed… 
Gardening Anyone?

The Botanical Gardens were stunning and the children's area offered boundless opportunities for play.  Sculptures, ponds, lush areas… this is a must see.
Mr. Dred Scott fought for his families
freedom; a fight that spanned 11 years before
freedom was granted.
The old courthouse held one of the countries
most important cases: Dred Scott v. Sandford

 What made this adventure even more special was sharing the time with dear friends.  

Monday, June 23, 2014

It’s Not Easy Being Green… Taking The Drama Out Of Sustainability

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If you are interested in being more "green" and don't know much about it, this is the show for you because we didn't know much about it either-- but we had fun doing the research and reporting back to each other about what we discovered!  If you know a lot about sustainability, then you should listen to this show so that you can tell us all the things we get wrong and we'll make the corrections!

We mentioned a couple of interesting websites on the show, and to make it easier for you here are the links to those sites:
Live Science explains global warming.
The Fiscal Times' assessment of the pros and cons of the new carbon emissions rule.
Find out about microbeads.

Also, we attended a presentation about ways to make our homes more energy efficient and this is what we learned from that discussion:

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Gardening Guilt

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We talk about the guilt we (mostly DJ) feel for not growing our own vegetable gardens and wanting to stay in the shade during this gardening season!  Karly is the gardener/landscaper (dreams of being one anyway) and DJ prefers everything "all natural."  DJ's motto; let it grow and see what happens. Our post consist of pictures that depict our planting styles.

A lighthearted and entertaining discussion on gardening dramas.

Monday, May 26, 2014

Gardening Guilt…According to Karly

"Nature can bring you to stillness, 
That is its gift to you."
                                   Eckhart Tolle

As I mentioned in the podcast, I love to use pots.

And more pots… and let's not forget the strategically placed rocks. 

Gardening Guilt... According to DJ

Natives are the way to go

My husband's ingenious greenhouse for tomatoes.

My front yard. Lots of curb appeal.
Hostas (Karly's favorite) with weeds (my favorite)
and a bunny (I think it works).
My landscaping plan. 
Let it grow...
And see what happens…

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Mother's Day... According to DJ

How many of you have complicated feelings for your mother?  Come on... you can at least admit it to yourself.

I'll admit it.  My childhood was not idyllic, and from time to time I find myself dwelling on the mistakes my mother made.  “What kind of mistakes?” you wonder.  This is not the Jerry Springer show, so I won't go into detail about the misfortunes of my childhood.  If you need a story to understand how someone may have complicated feelings for their mother, feel free to insert plot lines from your favorite 1980's after school specials [here].

Disclosure:  I can write somewhat candidly about my feelings for my mother because she died many years ago when I was 18.  So, unlike a lot of people who have complicated feelings for their mother, I don't fear the consequences of a Sunday lunch with a hurt, elderly woman who was depending upon me to make her feel special on Mother's Day. 

For most of my life, the narrative of my childhood was pretty straightforward.  My mother had serious problems, did a lousy job, but I was a good kid.  I turned out as well as I have from luck and good ancestral genes!  A friend once told me I would see my mother in a different light once I had my own child. Not likely, I thought, because I'd seen my mother behave in ways I would never understand.  I knew when I had my own child, I would not make the choices she did.  

Of course I was wrong. Once I gave birth to my daughter another story of my childhood emerged.  When my daughter was being born, I wished my mother could be there to comfort me.   The story I’d told myself about my childhood never included any role for "Mother as Comforter," but she had been there; I just had not allowed myself to hear her in a long time ... coming home from school after a day of being bullied, "Don't worry about them, they're just jealous."... coming home from the funeral of my best friend in seventh grade,  "She loved you," and coming into the kitchen any time of day, "There’s Mommy's girl."   

When holding my newborn I realized my mother must have held me the same way. During the hours of that one-long-day after childbirth when no one is sleeping, I rocked my daughter singing all the verses to songs I didn’t remember learning:  ‘My Bonnie Lies Over The Ocean’; ‘The Old Woman Who Swallowed A Fly’, and ‘I've Been Working on The Railroad’.  Sometimes when singing to my daughter I could almost hear my mom joyously singing "Dinah won't you blow, Dinah won’t you blow, Dinah won’t you blow your ho-o-o-rn!"   

My husband and I played Patty-Cake with our daughter when she was a toddler, but my version was different from his.  I did not know the “pat it, roll it, mark it with a P” version.  The version I remembered was “rollem up, rollem up and THROW IT IN THE PAN” followed with a tickle to the belly.  He thinks that version is pitiful, but it made my daughter laugh and probably made me laugh too. 

My friend was right.  Having my own child has helped me see my childhood and my mother differently.  My mother must have sung to me, given me baths, wrapped me in blankets, fed me, listened to my troubles and comforted me.  Remembering and imagining my mother acting as a mother, rather than as an adult who made decisions I could not understand, makes me feel loved, which has helped me be the mother I want to be.

By any standard my mother made some terrible mistakes in her life that caused me pain, but she loved me.   I turned out to be who I am—not despite my mother—but because of my mother.  Like I said, it's complicated.

Happy Mother's Day….According to Karly

Many times we are faced with the challenges of parenthood and today, on Mother’s Day, I am addressing all the Moms and you Dads that play a dual role.

Our children come to us in many ways, we can give birth, adopt, foster, guardian, or have a “motherly” relationship, and regardless each route bestows different elements of wonder. For some we enter into their lives at the beginning of life, or during the toddler stage, or they grace us in adolescence or teenage years.  Wherever this relationship enters, we begin a walk along a path that is filled at times with gradual curves, skipping straight a ways, moss covered stony paths and maybe hills that feel at times mountainous.  They are challenged and we are challenged as individuals and as mother and child. 

There is opportunity for growth within this bond; whether it is how we handle the straight away moments that leave us with unbinding joy or the mountains we have to climb not knowing what we will find at each summit.  

As a mother, the straight aways have filled my soul with a depth of love and gratitude that I could have never imagined.  It has been a time that I have watched my daughter’s wingspan lengthen, allowing her to soar a bit higher as she learns from each life test. It’s those joyful moments, where no drama exist just appreciation for all that life offers and will offer.

The curves…oh, the curves; learning to corner at just the right angle and unfortunately, sometimes tumbling, which can press upon your patience. This path has slowed my sometimes quicken pace; making decisions, sometimes second-guessing and other times standing firm in my thoughts or beliefs.  The curves have been one of the greatest opportunities for inner thought and growth for both of us and I hope always will. 

I love the views from high atop a hilly ridge but the climb can be wrought with unforeseen dangers.  The fears are heightened and the dangers sometimes great.  These are traumatic times, strap on your hiking boots, gather your courage, patience, motherly wisdom and tissues into your backpack and begin your trek.  It is not an easy one, you may go with your child or for your child but regardless it is a path that will challenge your faith and deepen your commitment as a Mother.  

Today's gift for a happy Mother's Day

On this appreciative day, whatever path you find yourself on, take a moment and reflect on the journey at this point that you have shared with your children and wish yourself a Happy Mother’s Day, for all you do and continually will do for those precious ones and for yourself.

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Hot Chocolate and The Marshmellows

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A beautiful old church and a light hearted conversation with WWTD's guests Hot Chocolate and The Marshmellows.  Karly and DJ have chosen some of the pearls from their conversation so you can get a taste of what this group offers-- not just their Kentucky Roots sound but the brotherhood between its members. Oh, and yes, it's marshmallows with an "e".  A different What's With The Drama. Enjoy!

Front to Back:  Billy, Tyler, Lee, Dan, & Jim
Hot Chocolate and The Marshmellows

Be sure to check out all the upcoming concert dates on Hot Chocolate and The Marshmellows' Facebook page.