Monday, June 23, 2014

It’s Not Easy Being Green… Taking The Drama Out Of Sustainability

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If you are interested in being more "green" and don't know much about it, this is the show for you because we didn't know much about it either-- but we had fun doing the research and reporting back to each other about what we discovered!  If you know a lot about sustainability, then you should listen to this show so that you can tell us all the things we get wrong and we'll make the corrections!

We mentioned a couple of interesting websites on the show, and to make it easier for you here are the links to those sites:
Live Science explains global warming.
The Fiscal Times' assessment of the pros and cons of the new carbon emissions rule.
Find out about microbeads.

Also, we attended a presentation about ways to make our homes more energy efficient and this is what we learned from that discussion:

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  1. A friend of the show gave us these links to more great information on being green:

    Thanks Kim!